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OK if you are looking for "Aroi" Italian cuisine and pizza around Pattaya this is for you:
Italian restaurant Pattaya and pizzeria with fired wood oven
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Making pizzapizza oven
Making Italian pizza with a wood burning oven
Call Pizzeria Bella Italia: 0897522172

Bella Italia restaurant in Pattaya with Illy caffe'
Illy caffe' at bella Italia Pattaya
Pizzeria and restaurant with Italian kitchen and Thai food also available in the center of Pattaya. Second Road in front of the Soi 6. Italian pizza is served from a wood burning pizza oven, real pizza oven where we use wood and no gas. Many tables in aircon environment or non air-condition. Nice view of the pizza man at work and, of course, Illy caffe'! The kitchen and the oven for pizza is open from 15:30 till 23:30. Live music for you to better enjoy your dinner and your pizza. We hope you enjoy our Italian food and beside pizza and spaghetti we would like you to try our filetto, we received many positive feedback from regular customers. It is very easy to reach us: we are on the Second Road Pattaya (Sai2) half way from Central Pattaya Road (Pattaya Klang) and the Dolphin Roundabout between Pattaya and Naklua. Thank you.
Some images of the restaurants (click to enlarge the picture of the Italian restaurant in Pattaya):
live music
live music
Illy caffe'
Warming coffee cups
Inside Italian restaurant
View of the restaurant

Italian restaurant Pattaya
Full table cloths
Pizza oven
Pizza oven
Bella Italia restaurant
Bella Italia staff

Steak served
Staff Bella Italia
Staff and visitor
Party Bella Italia
Greetings from Bella Italia
Some images of the dishes (click to enlarge the picture of the Italian food):
Spaghetti pesto
Spaghetti pesto
Spaghetti ragu
Spaghetti ragu'
Parma ham cantalupe
Ham and cantalupe
Caprese salad
Caprese salad

Pepperoni pizza
Pepperoni pizza
Pizza calzone
Pizza rucola
Pizza rocket salad
Pizza Parma ham
Parma ham

Cold cut
Salami, mortadella...
Italian food
Italian colors
Thai food
Tom Yam
Help wanted
Work with us
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- pricey compared to the thai living cost but the quality of food here is quite exquisite. plus no additional service charge.

- Fantastic food... Didn't expect that I am gonna find any Italian food or not in Thailand.. But this restaurant made my evening...!!!!

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