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Lots of attention have been using while create the menu' of Bella Italia restaurant in Pattaya. Any dish has been choose from the infinity variety of the regional Italian cuisine of the north and south of the peninsula to satisfy almost all kind of customer's taste.
We would like to offer you a good variety of Italian dishes and also guarantee the freshness of the food. In order to do so we create a good assortment of spaghetti, pasta, pizza, ravioli, gnocchi, dessert, main course (primi e secondi piatti), steaks and "filetto" without forgetting wines and Italian coffee.

Also accurate preparation of Thai food available.



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Pizza salami & gnocchi pesto

Pizza salami gnocchi pesto
Dinner suggestion
Pizza salami & gnocchi pesto



118 Bruschetta Classica 50.-
Garlic Bread
119. Bruschetta mozzarella 100.-
Roasted bread with mozzarella
120. Bruschetta con Tonno 100.-
Roasted bread with Tuna
121. Bruschetta con Prosciutto
di Parma 150.-
Roasted bread with
Parma ham
122. Bruschetta con Gorgonzola e Aglio 150.-
Roasted bread with
and garlic
123. Panzanella con Pomodoro 80.-
Roasted bread
chopped tomatoes
Basil, Garlic, Olive oil


124. Crostino Misto          140.-
Roasted bread Mix Salmon Tuna Ham Tomatoes
125. Crostino Salmone     140.-
Roasted bread with Salmon
126. Crostino Anchovies   140.-
Roasted bread with anchovies


127. Bruschetta Prosciutto  100.-
Roasted bread with Ham and
128. Bruschetta Spinaci    120
Roasted bread with spinach
129. Bruschetta Caprese    140.-
Roasted bread with tomatoes basi


130. Bruschetta Carbonara   140.-
Roasted bread with Yolk Wipping
Ceram Bacon Parmesan
132. Baked Potatoes with Bacon   160.-
Roasted Potatoes Mozzarella
Bacon Paprika Powder
133. Baked Potatoes with Bell Pepper   160.-
Roasted Potatoes Mozzarella
Bell Pepper,Paprika Powder


Insalate / Salad



Our staff is always happy to serve and prepare for you and even suggest you something special day by day. Come and visit us also for a bruschetta and a glass of Italian wine in good company now we also have live music and our oven is still burning only wood and no gas to a better flavor of the pizza.

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Italian customers

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