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Italian restaurant Pattaya and pizzeria with fired wood oven
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Lots of attention have been using while create the menu' of Bella Italia restaurant in Pattaya. Any dish has been choose from the infinity variety of the regional Italian cuisine of the north and south of the peninsula to satisfy almost all kind of customer's taste.
We would like to offer you a good variety of Italian dishes and also guarantee the freshness of the food. In order to do so we create a good assortment of spaghetti, pasta, pizza, ravioli, gnocchi, dessert, main course (primi e secondi piatti), steaks and "filetto" without forgetting wines and Italian coffee.

Also accurate preparation of Thai food available.
Some images from our menu' (click to enlarge the picture of the dishes):
Spaghetti allo scoglio
Risotto ai frutti di mare
Sea food risotto
Pizza al prosciutto di Parma
Pizza Parma ham

Thai meat salad
Thai meat salad
Tuna salad
Tuna salad
Italian cold cut
Cold cut
Thai food also available
Thai food

Thai food: sweet and sour
Sweet and sour
Thai food: green curry
green curry
Sea food: big shrimps
Shrimps cocktail
Italian spaghetti 'al ragu''

Tiramisu' dessert
Spaghetti 'al pesto'
Spaghetti pesto
Calzone: pizza closed on itself
Pizza calzone
Classic pizza with rucola and grana cheese
Rocket pizza

Pizza with 'salame'
Pepperoni pizza
Italian prosciutto e melone
Cantalupe + ham
Italian salad
Caprese salad
Italian coffee
Espresso coffee

Penne al salmone
Salmon cream
Purea di patate
Tom Ka Kay
Tom Ka Kay

Spaghetti panna e funghi
Cream head
Tagliatelle al ragu
Tagliatelle ham and mushrooms
Tagliatelle ragu'

Penne alla Norcina
Penne sausage
Lasagne Bella Italia
Thai food Bella Italia
Thai squid
Our staff is always happy to serve and prepare for you and even suggest you something special day by day. Come and visit us also for a bruschetta and a glass of Italian wine in good company now we also have live music and our oven is still burning only wood and no gas to a better flavor of the pizza.
Prepare a Italian pizza
Making pizza
Staff at Bella Italia restaurant Pattaya
Bella Italia!
Kitchen staff at Bella Italia
Italian cuisine
Italian customers
Italian customers

Cosmopolitan customers
Happy evening in restaurant
Good time
Bella Italia restaurant in Pattaya
Italian restaurant
Come and enjoy your dinner with us!